Interperfil – Indústria de Produtos Metálicos, S.A. was created in 2014, as a result of the collaboration of a strong and cohesive group of several companies with experience in the sector. Currently, it is positioned as a reference company in a highly competitive and demanding market.

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

All Interperfil's activity is based and guided by a Quality, Environment and Safety policy. Therefore, the company's Management defined, documented and validated its Management Policy, which aims at the continuous improvement of the system, the protection of the environment, as well as the safety of employees.

In the elaboration of the policy, the following aspects were considered, among others:

Customer Satisfaction

By identifying your needs and expectations, always working with professionalism, ethics and transparency.

Legal Requirements

Commitment to complying with applicable legal requirements, and other requirements that the organization subscribes to in the scope of Quality, Environment and Safety.

Promoting the Safety and
Well-Being of Employees

Development of awareness-raising, training and prevention actions, contributing to the increase in productivity, efficiency, motivation and quality of the services provided, giving priority to collective protection measures.

Best Practices in
Environmental Management

In particular, a careful management of waste, focusing on reduction, reuse and recycling/recovery.

Sustainable Development

By preventing pollution and raising the awareness of all those who perform tasks for or on behalf of Interperfil and that may cause significant environmental damage.

Trust Relations

Stimulate the performance of its suppliers and seek long-term stable relationships of mutual trust.

Annually, the objectives and goals are defined and validated by the Administration, which aim at the implementation and periodic review of the management policy. The strategic guidelines of Interperfil exist with the purpose of not only define the objectives and goals, but also to elaborate the management programs.

Interperfil discloses to all its employees and to those who work on its behalf, or under the control of the organization, the management policy, ensuring its understanding. With this disclosure, Interperfil intends to encourage commitment to Quality, Environment and Safety throughout the organization and with its customers and suppliers.


With doors opened in the Municipality of Ourém, its facilities are of high production capacity and quality. It has ten purlin profiling machines, two machines for producing four types of profiled sheet, and a cutting and bending line to produce customized parts, thus being able to respond both to your small DYI construction or industrial work as in the image attached.


Interperfil has as a mission to manufacture and sell profiles, equipped with a high level of quality, focusing on cutting-edge technology, proximity to the customer and training of its Human Resources.


To be a leader of excellence in the supply of profiles, in a sustainable way, contributing to economic and environmental development.






Commitment of all employees

Products and Services

Each of the machines has a capacity of 20 meters per minute, making it possible to drill and custom cut. There is also the possibility of creating profiles tailored to the customer’s needs, in an automated process.

The products are of superior quality and are undergoing certification by external and international bodies. The products are manufactured on state-of-the-art machines, developed with cutting-edge technology worldwide. There is also a clear concern to comply with all regulatory requirements and implementation of continuous improvement mechanisms in order to guarantee the company’s competitiveness.


ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001 | EN 14782 – 22/11/2016